Sutra Copying Get-Together


Sutra copying as a Buddhist practice is a very effect way to gain merit. It is done by carefully copying a sutra’s characters one by one from Buddha’s teachings of truth. When you are reproducing each character, the world of Buddha can expand within you, allowing you to feel purified. That is why sutra copying is so effective.

At Chishakuin Temple, there is a “Sutra Copying Get-Together” held on the 21st of every month, the blessed day associated with Kōbō Daishi. At the get-together, there will be a Buddhist sermon before the sutra copying takes place. We will provide all necessary tools, so please feel free to participate.

※Please make a reservation beforehand, either online.

If you wish to participate, please use this reservation form.

Reception Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodations (Reception from 12:00pm)

Kondō Main Hall

Date/Time 21st Every Month, From 1:00pm
Participation Fee ¥1,000
Inquires Please use this reservation form