The Four Seasons of Chishakuin Temple

The beautiful scenery of each of the four seasons, from cherry blossoms to azalea blooms, from hydrangea to the changing colors of the leaves, can be enjoyed inside the temple grounds.
Please view the four seasons of Chishakuin Temple by clicking on the photos of the seasons.

  • Spring

    The temple grounds are adorned by Japanese plum and cherry blossoms as well as azalea blooms. You can feel the breath of spring in the air.

  • summer

    Enjoy Satsuki azalea, balloon flowers, crape myrtle, and hydrangea along with the clear blue of the summer sky.

  • autumn

    The temple grounds are dyed red in the season of the turning leaves, greeting all the visitors who come.

  • winter

    The winters are bitter cold in Kyoto. Even in that cold, the scenic garden, wrapped in the silent cool air of winter, is a must-see.