Moon-Viewing Gathering

A moon-viewing gathering is held every year at the Chishakuin Temple at the time of the harvest moon in mid-autumn. Come and enjoy an extraordinary experience of Chishakuin Temple as we provide religious experiences such as the esoteric meditation methods of the Gachirinkan (Full Moon) Meditation and performances of Shōmyō Buddhist chanting. In addition, the scenic garden will be lit up with lights, a mini concert will be performed, and there will be a special showing of the fusuma sliding door paintings of Inshō Dōmoto in the Shinden Reception Hall.
Why don’t you come and spend a lovely mid-autumn’s night gathering your thoughts and calming your heart?

What is Gachirinkan (Full Moon) Meditation?
It is an esoteric meditation technique that contemplates the idea that one’s spirit is “round and perfectly complete, like the full moon, shining purely with light, perfectly clear.” By meditating on the image of the Gachirin buddhas as expressed in the full moon, we can refresh our lives and have a spirit as full and complete as the moon.
This is the first step in the esoteric meditation method of mental imaging.

【Past Performing Artists of the Mini Concert】
Tsuji Ayano, Kawashima Ai, Okumura Ai, Uema Ayano, Tokunaga Nobuo, Hanawa Chie, Tommy, and others.