Aoba Leaf Festival

Every June 15th, Chishakuin Temple holds an Aoba Leaf Festival as a celebration of the birth of the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kōbō Daishi(Kūkai), and its restorer, Kōgyō Daishi(Kakuban). Kōbō Daishi was the one who travelled to China to bring the esoteric secrets back to Japan and created the temple at Mount Kōya. In addition to being the founder of Shingon Buddhism, he also left behind many great achievements and is revered all over the country. Kōgyō Daishi is referred to as the restorer of Shingon Buddhism, as his teachings brought new life into the sect. Kōbō Daishi’s birthday is June 15th of the 5th year of Hōki (774 AD) and Kōgyō Daishi’s birthday is on June 17th of the 2nd year of Kahō (1095 AD). They were both born in the heart of the beautiful green season of June. Thus, the celebration of their birth has been named the “Aoba Leaf Festival.” Under the guidance of our head priest of the main head temple Chishakuin, various special events will be held along with the following Buddhist memorial services Anyone may attend, so please feel free to come.

【Celebratory Ceremonies of the Birth of the Two Founding Masters】 ◇Oneri Parade Location: From the main entrance of Chishakuin Main Head Temple to the Kondō Main Hall. ◇Celebratory Ceremony of the Birth of the Two Founding Masters, Location: Kondō Main Hall
◇Following the celebratory ceremony there will be a large Saitō Homa Fire Ritual Location: The Saitō Homa Dojo-Seminary in front of the Kondō Main hall.
【Special Events】
◇Free Admission to the Scenic Garden, National Treasure Wall Paintings, Lecture Hall Fusuma Sliding Door Paintings, etc.
◇Tea Ceremony at the Kondō Main Hall’s Womb Realm Room
◇Mandala Market (Flea Market)
◇Temple Hall Pilgrimage (Shuin Stamp Collecting)
(Available at 5 locations: Kondō Main Hall/ Myōōden Hall/ Kōdō Lecture Hall/ Daishi Hall/ Mitsugondō Hall)
◇Sermon at the Daishi Hall/ Mitsugondō Hall (Held after the Saitō Homa Fire Ritual when preparations are concluded)