Visiting Our Temple

Chishakuin Main Head Temple provides funerary rites and assists with prayers for 3,000 temples of the Shingon Chisan school, and it is located in Higashiyama Kyoto (around ten minutes by bus from Kyoto station). At Chishakuin, there are many temple buildings and precious items of cultural heritage. Of note are the works of Hasegawa Tōhaku and his apprentices, “Maple” and “Pine and Hollyhock” as well as the work of Tōhaku’s son Kyūzō, “Cherry Blossom.” These are representative works of Momoyama period wall paintings as well as proud examples of Japan’s first-class paintings. In addition, the scenic garden on the east side of the Ōjoin Study Hall was created during the Momoyama period and is famous for being a favorite of the renowned tea master Rikyū as its shape takes after China’s Mount Lu. We look forward to you visiting us.

Visiting Hours/Entrance Fees

Visiting hours and fees for the Treasury and the Scenic Garden (Closed 12/29,30,31)

Reception Hours 9:00am ~ 4:00pm
General Admission Fee ¥500
High School Students¥300  Junior High School Students¥300  Elementary School Students¥200
※Group Discount(For groups of 20 or more there is a ¥50 discount per person)
※Those with a disability certificate will be granted free admission upon showing the certificate at reception. (Accompanying people will be charged general admission.)  

【Important Points for Visitation】
In order to maintain a sanitary environment, please refrain from smoking, eating, or walking pets within the temple grounds. In addition, please refrain from using camera tripods or conducting commercial photoshoots wearing kimono, etc.

The Main Gate (#15 on the temple grounds map) located at the end of Nanajodōri street, is not normally open. To enter the temple, go to the right of the Main Gate and enter through entrance with the rotary.