Facilities/Building Information

Communal Bath

3:00pm ~ 11:00pm

Izu Stone Bathtub (2m×6m)

Washing Area: Men’s: 10 stalls, Women’s: 12 stalls
Lockers: Men’s: 36 lockers Women’s: 42 lockers

Banquet Hall (Great Hall)

Area 70 jō (tatami mats), around 112.6㎡
Maximum Capacity Around 132 people
Equipment Audio Equipment, Desks, Chairs


Breakfast 7:00~9:00am (8:30 Last Order)

Lunch/Café 10:00am~5:00pm (4:30pm Last Order)

Dinner 5:00pm~8:30pm (8:00pm Last Order)

Souvenir Shop


We sell original Chishakuin Temple souvenirs as well as Kyoto souvenirs including yatsuhashi (a type of Japanese sweets) and pickled vegetables. We also sell incense sticks and prayer beads, so feel free to use them when you pray at the temple.


Most of our staff are priests at the temple. If you have any requests, please let us know.


We have prepared comfortable chairs in our lobby which faces the temple grounds. You may also use them to meet with other people.


For overnight guests, there is free parking available within the temple grounds.

Smoking Area

All guest rooms are non-smoking, but there is a smoking area on the first floor.

Vending Machines

There is a drink vending machine located on each floor.

Free Wi-Fi

You can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi throughout the whole building.


You can use our two elevators to reach the 2nd and the 3rd guest floors with ease.

Facilities Summary

Facility Name Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodations
Phone Number If you have any questions, please click the E-mail form inquiries at the top.
Fax Number 075-541-4167
Address 964 Higashikawarachō Higashiyama Ward, Higashiōji Nanajo-sagaru Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0951
Number of Guest Rooms 44 rooms
Guest Rooms Check-in: 3:00pm~8:00pm Curfew: 11:00pm Check-out: 10:00am
Parking Free parking available within temple grounds
In-Building Facilities Communal Bath/Banquet Hall/Restaurant/Souvenir Shop/Smoking Area/Drink Vending Machines

Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodations has received a Fire Safety Certification Mark issued by the National Fire and Disaster Management Agency

Date Received: 2020/10/19
Date of Expiration: 2024/09/30
Fire Safety Mark Number: No.14
Issuing Institution: Kyoto City Higashiyama Fire Department