Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodation Regulations and Guidelines for Use

General Provisions

Article 1.

  1. According to Chishakuin Kaikan’s Third Article of Operating Regulations, the Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodation Regulations (hereafter referred to as These Regulations) and Guidelines for Use are hereby established.

Article 2.

  1. Lodging contracts and other such related contracts established between Chishakuin Kaikan (hereafter referred to as This Establishment) and the guest shall be based on These Regulations. In the event that items are not stipulated by These Regulations, then civil law codes, other laws and ordinances as well as generally accepted practices shall be followed.

Lodging Fees

Article 3.

  1. Those who stay at This Establishment shall pay a lodging fee, specified separately.
  2. 2 Lodging fees are defined as the combined total of room fees, meal fees, consumption tax, and the Kyoto City accommodation tax.

Lodging Contract Application

Article 4.

  1. Those whose would like to apply for a lodging contract must provide the following information to This Establishment.
    1. ① Guest name(s)
    2. ② Contact information (Telephone number)
    3. ③ Date of stay, expected arrival time, and date of departure
    4. ④ Lodging fees
    5. ⑤ Number of guests in party
    6. ⑥ Any other information deemed necessary by This Establishment
  2. 2 If the guest requests to continue their stay past their expected date of departure, it will be treated as a new lodging contract application.

Establishment of Lodging Contract, etc.

Article 5.

  1. The lodging contract will be established when This Establishment approves the application which lists the information in the previous article. However, this does not apply when it is proved that the application was not approved by This Establishment.

Article 6.

  1. This Establishment may not approve a lodging contract in the following circumstances.
    1. ① If the application for stay does not adhere to These Regulations.
    2. ② If there are no available rooms due to full occupancy.
    3. ③ If it is determined that the applicant attempting to stay may take actions contrary to legal regulations, public order, or good morals in regard to his or her stay.
    4. ④ If the applicant is suspected of having a contagious disease.
    5. ⑤ If the applicant makes unreasonable demands of This Establishment regarding his or her stay, or if it is determined that the applicant has done similar acts in the past.
    6. ⑥ If due to a natural disaster, damage to the facility, or any other unavoidable circumstances, the applicant is unable to stay.
    7. ⑦ If it is suspected that the applicant will cause inconvenience to other guests or temple visitors due to excessive drunkenness, loud noise, movement, vibrating, loud singing, violence, and/or other dangerous actions.
    8. ⑧ If the applicant’s speech or conduct has lacked respect towards This Establishment, Chishakuin Temple, or the dignity of any other religious nature.
    9. ⑨ If the applicant has in the past failed to appear for their stay without contacting This Establishment.
    10. ⑩ If the applicant has failed to settle a debt with This Establishment in the past.
    11. ⑪ If the applicant’s behavior, speech, and/or conduct is abnormal.
    12. ⑫ If it is determined that the applicant clearly does not have the ability to pay.
    13. ⑬ If the applicant violates the regulations of the Hotel Business Act Article 6 Clause 2(stating that when This Establishment requests, the guest must provide his or her name, address, occupation, and other items as decided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ordinance)
    14. ⑭ If an underage applicant applies to stay unaccompanied by his or her legal guardian without that guardian’s permission.
    15. ⑮ If it is determined that the applicant should be refused lodging for some other justifiable reason.

Guest’s Right to Contract Cancellation

Article 7.

  1. The guest may make a request to This Establishment and cancel the Lodging Contract.

Cancellation Fees

Article 8.

  1. If the guest fails to show up for his or her stay without notifying This Establishment, or if the lodging contract is cancelled fully or partially due to reasons that the guest is responsible for, then This Establishment will charge cancellations fees as determined as follows.(% indicates the cancellation fee percentage in relation to the contracted lodging fee.
    1. 1) Parties of 1 to 14 people
      1. ①In the case of a no-show・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・100%
      2. ②Cancellation after 9:00 am on the day of arrival・・・・・100%
      3. ③Cancellation after 9:00 am of the day before arrival・・・ 50%
      4. ④Cancellation other than listed above・・・・・・・・・・No cancellation fee
    2. 2) Parties of 15 people or more
      1. ①In the case of a no-show・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・100%
      2. ②Cancellation after 9:00 am on the day of arrival・・・・・・100%
      3. ③Cancellation after 9:00 am of the day before arrival・・・ ・50%
      4. ④Cancellation after 9:00 am ten days before arrival・・・・・20%
      5. ⑤Cancellation other than listed above・・・・・・・・・・・No cancellation fee
  2. 2 In the case of cancelling part of a reservation where the number of people in the party exceeds 15 or more as in the case of item 2-④ of the preceding sub-section, there will be no cancellation fee if the number of people cancelling does not exceed 10% of the total party (in the case of a partial number, it will be rounded down) and cancellation is made by 9 am ten days before the day of lodging (In the case where the date the reservation is made is nine days or less until the lodging date, it will be at the time that the lodging contract is established).
  3. 3 In the case where the contracted numbers of days will be shortened, cancellation fees will be charged, calculating from that day to be cancelled and following the previous paragraph’s regulations.

This Establishment’s Right to Cancellation of Contract

Article 9.

  1. This Establishment may cancel the lodging contract in the following cases.
    1. ① When circumstances correspond to ③~⑮ of Article 6.
    2. ② If it is determined that the guest is part of or has dealings with a group which has members of, or an individual who is a member of, a gang organization, a gang-related organization and/or its affiliated people, or any other criminal group, or with individuals or groups which are members or managers of an organization that manages the business dealings of such groups.
    3. ③ If the guest threatens, is violent towards, makes violent demands of, and/or makes requests that exceed reasonable extents to any of This Establishment’s staff, Chishakuin Temple staff, or other guests.
    4. ④ If the guest shows disrespect, damages, and/or harms any of the things within the Chishakuin Temple grounds facilities (including This Establishment) as well as such items as the furniture, plants (including living things such as the koi fish in the pond), etc.
    5. ⑤ If the guest smokes in the guest room and/or violates This Establishment’s regulations and/ or guidelines for use in any way.
  2. 2 If This Establishment terminates the lodging contract based on the regulations stated in the previous article’s paragraphs, the guest will be charged for the lodging services already provided to the guest, but will not be charged for the services that have yet to be provided.

Registration of Stay

Article 10.

  1. We ask that guests register the following information at This Establishment’s front desk on the day of his or her stay.
    1. ① Guest name(s), age, gender, address, telephone number, and occupation
    2. ② Date and estimated time of departure
    3. ③ Any other information deemed necessary by This Establishment
  2. 2 In addition to the items in the previous paragraph, we ask that foreign guests who do not have a residence within Japan supply a copy of their passport. (The part which identifies the nationality and passport number.)

Payment of Lodging Fees, etc.

Article 11.

  1. The guest shall pay the following fees on the day of their stay at the time of registration. (In the case of a multiple night stay, full payment shall be on the first day of the stay.)
    1.  ① Contracted lodging fee (In full)
    2.  ② Dinner charges (For those who apply only)
    3.  ③ Consumption tax corresponding to ① and ②
    4.  ④ Kyoto City Accommodation Tax
    5.  ⑤ Cancellation fees as established in Article 8 (To those applicable only)
  2. 2 The payment of the aforementioned lodging fees, etc. shall be in legal tender or by alternative means, such as credit cards, which have been approved for use by This Establishment.
  3. 3 In the case where the lodging contract is applied for through This Establishment’s webpage or through an online travel agent (such as Rakuten Travel) and the guest would like to make an advance payment through credit card, he or she shall follow the respective regulations and process payment for ①、② and ③ in Paragraph 1.
  4. 4 If the lodging contract is cancelled, in full or partially, after the lodging contract is settled with an advance credit card payment as stated in the previous paragraph, and in the case where there are cancellations fees as set in Article 8, then the prepaid amount received from the guest shall be applied towards those cancellation fees.
  5. 5 If the guest chooses not to stay in the guest room, after the room has been provided by This Establishment and in the case where that room is fit for the guest’s stay, then the lodging fee will still be charged.

Guest Room Hours

Article 12.

  1. Guests may use This Establishment’s guest rooms from the hours of 15:00 to 10:00 the next day. However, in the case of a multiple night stay, the rooms may be used all day, except for on the day of arrival and the day of departure.
  2. 2  This establishment, regardless of previously stated articles, may allow early check-in (use of the guest room before 3:00pm on the day of check-in) or late check-out (use of the guest room after 10:00 am on the day of check-out). In such a case, an additional fee of 1,650 yen (tax included) per hour per room will be charged. (Any time less than an hour will be counted as one hour.) 
  3. 3 In regard to early check-in, late check-out, and any use of the guest room outside the time as stipulated in the first article, it must be applied for ahead of time at the front desk and follow the instructions given at that time. 

Observance of the Guidelines of Use

Article 13.

  1. The guest shall follow the Guidelines of Use while inside This Establishment.

Operating Hours

Article 14.

  1. This Establishment’s main facilities’ operating hours are as follows. However, in the event of unavoidable circumstances, the operating hours may change. In such a case, guests will be notified in a timely manner.
    1. (1)Front Services
      1. ①Curfew 23:00(Check-in is Until 20:00)
      2. ②Front Desk 24 hours However, Night Hours(21:30~7:00 the next day)are emergency response only.
    2. (2)Restaurant(Chishakuin Saryo Kikyo)
      1. ①Breakfast    7:00~  9:00
      2. ②Lunch, Café       10:00~17:00
      3. ③Dinner       17:00~20:30
    3. (3)Other Facilities
      1. ①Souvenir Shop     8:00~20:00
      2. ②Communal Bath    15:00~23:00
      3. ③Vending Machines 24 hours

This Establishment’s Responsibilities

Article 15.

  1. This Establishment will bear responsibility for any damages incurred by the guest in regard to fulfilment or nonfulfillment of the lodging contract or related contracts. However, this does not apply if This Establishment is not at fault for the circumstances.
  2. 2 This Establishment has received a Fire Certification Mark from the Fire Department and is always prepared with fire prevention equipment and response system structure, in addition to being enrolled in Inn Liability Insurance, in the unlikely event of a fire.

Procedure When Contracted Rooms Cannot be Provided

Article 16.

  1. If This Establishment is unable to provide the room which the guest has contracted, then This Establishment will obtain the permission of the guest to mediate with another lodging facility to help obtain another lodging, which is as similar as possible to the one contracted.
  2. 2 Regardless of the previous paragraph’s regulations, if This Establishment is unable to mediate with another lodging facility, This Establishment shall pay the guest a compensation fee equivalent to the approximate cancellation charge of the reservation, and that compensation fee shall be allocated to any damages. However, if the reason that the guest room is unable to be provided is not the fault of This Establishment, then a compensation fee will not be paid.

Handling of Stored Goods, etc.

Article 17.

  1. In the event that goods, valuables, or cash, etc. that have been stored at the front desk by the guest are lost or damaged, This Establishment will compensate for the damage, except if that loss or damage is a result of unavoidable circumstances. However, if goods, valuables, or cash, etc. stored are valued over 300,000 yen and the guest does not report this value to This Establishment in advance, then This Establishment will only compensate the deposited items up to 300,000 yen. (Please be aware that This Establishment may decline to store valuables such as highly priced goods and/or cash whose value exceeds 300,000 yen.)
  2. 2 In regards to goods, valuables, or cash, etc. which the guest has brought into This Establishment, but has not stored at the front desk, This Establishment will compensate up to a limit of 100,000 yen for the damage or loss of such items in the event that the aforementioned items are damaged or lost by accident or by fault of This Establishment.

Safekeeping of Guests’ Personal Items

Article 18.

  1. In such a case where the guest’s property arrives before the guest’s stay, This Establishment shall take responsibility and store such items, only if it is approved beforehand by This Establishment. The property will be delivered to the guest at the front desk during check-in.
  2. 2 If a guest’s personal belongings are discovered after that guest’s departure and the belongings are identified as that guest’s, then This Establishment’s person in charge will make contact with the owner of the item as required by the necessity or urgency of the item and ask for directions concerning it. If the guest’s directions are not specific or if the owner of the item is unclear, then the item will be stored temporary (depending on the item around 3 to 5 days), after which the item will be disposed of (depending on the item, it may be reported to the police).
  3. 3 This Establishment’s responsibility for the guest’s luggage or personal effects as in the case of this article, conforms to the regulations of, in the case of Paragraph 1, the previous article’s Paragraph 1, and in the case of the previous paragraph, conforms to the regulations of the previous article’s Paragraph 2.

Parking Responsibility

Article 19.

  1. If the guest uses the Chishakuin Temple parking lot, This Establishment shall not be responsible for the vehicle, whether the guest entrusts the key with This Establishment or not. However, if in maintaining the parking lot, the vehicle is damaged by accident or by fault of This Establishment, then This Establishment will be responsible for compensation.

Guest Responsibilities

Article 20.

  1. If This Establishment is damaged by intention or by fault of the guest, that guest shall be responsible for the damage and compensate This Establishment.
  2. 2 Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of This Establishment. Smoking inside This Establishment is strictly forbidden outside of the designated areas (the first-floor smoking room). If the guest smokes inside the guest room and/or tobacco, cigarette butts, and/or ashes are found in the room, the guest shall be charged a Suspension of Sale Fee from the day of that smoking incident as a Damage Compensation Fee. (Depending on the circumstances, an additional fee may be added to that charge if there are complaints from the surrounding guest rooms.)
  3. 3 Guest must return their room key (card key) to the front desk when they depart from This Establishment (at the time of check-out). If the guest does not return the key (card key) due to such reasons as its loss, etc., then a Key Replacement Fee of ¥3,000 will be charged.
  4. 4 If by the guest’s intention or fault the guest room’s bath or plumbing overflows or leaks and the room becomes unusable, then a Suspension of Sale Fee will be charged starting from the date of that incident. (Depending on the circumstances, an additional Suspension of Sale Fee for the room beneath the guest’s room may also be added)

Article 21.

  1. Other necessary items not decided within these regulations will be decided separately at the discretion of the Chishakuin Head Temple Chief Executive Administrative Priest.


Guidelines for Use of Chishakuin Kaikan

The Chishakuin Kaikan facilities are religious facilities for the use of all believers of the Chisan School of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. In order to ensure the safety and public nature of This Establishment and adhere to its rules as a place of religious practice, we require that our guests obey the following guidelines. If these guidelines cannot be followed by the guest, then the guest will be denied use of This Establishment.

Curfew and Lights Out

  1. 1. The curfew of the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities is 23:00. The main entrance’s automatic door will be locked at 23:00.
  2. 2. The lights in the common areas of the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities will be turned off at 23:00. (Emergency lighting will still be on. )

Religious Services and Tour

  1. 3. Guests staying overnight are required to attend the Chishakuin Head Temple’s morning services. (From 6:00 am, lasting around an hour. During the winter (December to February), from 6:30am)Please gather in the first-floor lobby at 5:45 am (During the winter, 6:15 am)
  2. 4. After the morning services, there will be a monk-led tour of the Chishakuin Head Temple’s scenic garden, for those who wish to attend. (Free of charge. )

Duration of Stay

  1. 5. If you would like to change the number of days of your stay, please contact the front desk in advance.

Concerning Storage of Items

  1. 6. If there are no precise instructions regarding stored items, those items will be kept up till one month after departure. After that, This Establishment will act in accordance with Article 18 Paragraph 2 of the Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodation Regulations.
  2. 7. The guest is responsible for keeping track of his or her cash and other valuables, unless those items are stored at the front desk.


  1. 8. We ask that guests meet in the lobby with those not staying at This Establishment.

Prohibited Items

  1. 9. The following are prohibited.
    1. a. Using the guest rooms, without permission, for any other purpose than lodging.
    2. b. Using equipment that creates fire (for heating, cooking, etc.) inside the guest rooms and/or the hallways.
    3. c. Smoking outside of the first-floor smoking room. (Smoking in the guest rooms is strictly prohibited)
    4. d. Making excessive noise by talking loudly or singing, etc. In addition, any actions that are unpleasant to other guests or causes inconvenience to others. (Including the volume of the television)
    5. e. Gambling or any other morally corrupt action, while in the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities (including inside the guest rooms).
    6. f. Taking any of the guest room furnishings outside, and/or moving them to other locations within the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities.
    7. g. Altering the current state of the buildings or the equipment inside the Chishakuin Temple grounds.
    8. h. Opening any of the second floor and third floor east and west emergency doors when there is not an emergency. (The doors at right and left ends of the hallway on the guest room floor)
    9. i. Hanging anything in the windows that will harm the outward appearance of the building.
    10. j. Distributing advertisements to other guests within the Chishakuin Temple grounds or Chishakuin Kaikan facilities without permission.
    11. k. Selling goods, etc. inside Chishakuin Temple grounds or Chishakuin Kaikan facilities without permission.
    12. l. Posting of photos or videos which happen to include other guests to social networking services, etc.
    13. m. Leaving personal belongings in common spaces such as the hallway outside the guest rooms or the lobby, etc.
    14. n. Requesting delivery of food and/or drink from outside of the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities.
    15. o. Leaving the premises wearing the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities’ sandals or samue robes.
    16. p. Entering or leaving Chishakuin Kaikan facilities after curfew (23:00).
    17. q. Taking the food or drinks provided by the restaurant, etc. outside of that restaurant, etc.
  1. 10. The following items may not be brought into the Chishakuin Kaikan facilities.
    1. a. Animals, pets such as birds, etc. (However, assistance dogs for the physically disabled such as seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, etc., are exempt. In such a case, please consult with This Establishment beforehand.)
    2. b. Items which have a considerable odor.
    3. c. A considerably large number of items.
    4. d. Items such as gunpowder, volatile oils, or other items which start fires or ignite easily.
    5. e. Guns and blades which are not legally allowed to be owned.

Concerning the Communal Bath

  1. 11. Compliance with the following is required in order to use the communal bath facilities.
    1. a. Please store all valuables either in the lockers or at the front desk. This Establishment cannot be held responsible for theft and other such incidents. (Responsibility in this case conforms to Article 17 Paragraph 1 of the Chishakuin Kaikan Temple Accommodation Regulations.)
    2. b. As tattoos may cause emotional distress to other guests, individuals with tattoos will be denied entry to the communal bath. Please consult with the front desk beforehand.
    3. c. Please refrain from bathing when feeling ill or after eating or drinking, as it may be dangerous. Bathing while drunk is strictly forbidden.
    4. d. Young children must be accompanied by a guardian. (As a general rule, children 7 years of age or older may not enter the bath that is not of his or her gender.)
    5. e. Please thoroughly wash your body before entering the bathtub.
    6. f. Washing clothes and hair dying are prohibited.
    7. g. The floor may become slippery. Please do not run in the communal bath.
    8. h. Please do not put the towels in the bathtub.
    9. i. Please dry your body thoroughly with a towel when leaving the bath to go to the dressing room.
    10. j. Please be careful not to leave any items behind when leaving the bath.
    11. k. Photography is prohibited inside the bath (including the dressing room)
    12. l. Bathing hours are from 15:00~23:00. Please be aware that during this time, staff may enter the bathing and dressing areas.
  2. 12. Other items not decided in these guidelines will be decided separately at the discretion of the Chishakuin Head Temple Chief Executive Administrative Priest.